Pire Wheel Electrical Wiring Pro

Electrical Wiring Pro is the premier smartphone wiring app on Android and includes over 2 dozen Useful Electrical Tools. It is currently introductory priced at the Android Market.

Wide Coverage of National Electrical Code 2005, 2008 and 2011.

NEC 2011 and Canadian Electrical Code, 2009 functionality in process.

o Ampacity / Wire Size
- Wire Size -> Ampacity
- Ampacity Needed -> Wire Size
- Voltage Drop -> Wire Size
- Dwelling Service Size
- GEC Size
- EGC Size
- BETA Ampacity will become standard includes
o Improved user interface,
o Canadian Electrical Code Compatibility
o NEC 2005, 2008 and 2011 (the updates are accounted for by the app)
o > 700 locations with Ambient Temps
o see comments below

o Boxes / Cover
- Box Size from Wires / Devices
- Box Size from Cables / Devices
- Standard Box and Typical Plaster Ring INfo
- Pull Box Sizing
- Cover Depth (CEC 2009, NEC 2005, 2008, 2011

o Conduit
- Conduit Bends (basic offsets & saddles - subset of what is in "Conduit Runner Pro")
- Conduit Fill
- Wires -> Conduit Size Needed
- Wires/Conduit -> % full
- Maximum Wires/Conduit
- Conduit Size Information
- Wire Size Information

o Voltage Drop
- Required voltage or % drop -> Wire Size
- Voltage Drop Calculation
- Maximum Length for voltage or % drop
- Maximum Load for voltage or % drop
- Impedance given wire length
- Pire Wheel

o Motors / Transformers
- FLC, Wire, Breaker, Heater, Starter, Conduit etc. Sizing
- Locked Rotor Current
- KVAR Capacitor Correction
- NEMA Motor Dimensions
- Transformer Sizing

o Configurable
- NEC 2005, 2008, 2011 or Canadian Electrical Code 2009
(currently limited to cover depth only)
- Limited selection fraction for conduit bends (full selection in Conduit Runner Pro)

As far as we know, the Beta Ampacity Calculations are more extensive than those on any platform, including other smartphones, specialized calculators, or personal computers. The calcs include the ability to set ambient temps based on your location in over 700 locations (e.g. city/state). The calcs will also correct for a conduit located on top of a roof, and the subsequent increase in ambient calculated. They support Tables 310.16,17,18,19, 20 and 21 in NEC 2005, 2008 (and 2011 equivalents) as well as Canadian Electrical Codes Tables 1-4. You can email results for documentation purposes.

If you would like to report bugs or suggestions, please send them to:
support aatt intineo dot com.