Intineo LLC

Intineo makes and sells practical apps for Android and iOS.

Intineo's premier app is Electrical Wiring Pro. available on both platforms. It is an aid to designers, engineers, electricians, inspectors and other electrical professionals.

In 2017, Intineo will introduce Sparky's E6B, as an education tool for aviation.

Intineo's Privacy Policy is simple. We do not collect any information about our users. Applications do store "settings" and may store "state" information, e.g. last numbers entered, so the next time a user opens the app, it can come up with the same state and calculations as when the app was closed. This information is stored privately for the app, and is never accessed or shared outside the app.

Intineo apps do not include advertisements.

In 2017, Intineo will be transitioning to a "subscription" business model. Originally, apps were sold on a one-time basis, resulting a huge initial burst of sales and then much slower sales. Subscriptions better match the need to continually update the app. We have always strived to deliver great value to our users, and that will not change with the subscription model.

Electrical Wiring Pro will be restructured in 2017. The plan, is to offer one app on a free basis, with the opportunity to substantially increase the functionality via subscription. The app will be updated on a continuing basis, including functionality and code updates.

There are a number of legacy apps, e.g. "Box Fill Pro", "Conduit Runner", etc. that should continue to work, but will no longer be updated, and support will be phased out. All of the functionality of these legacy apps will be included in Electrical Wiring Pro.

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