Intineo makes productivity applications for smartphones, including iPhone and Android Systems.


Available apps for Android Systems include those described below.

conduit bender Conduit Runner Pro

Conduit Runner Pro is the leading smartphone conduit bending app. Users can select between fractions (precision 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 or 1/16) or decimals (precision 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 places after the decimal) e.g. to work with either inches or metric dimensions. Bends include offsets, parallel conduits, saddles, corner obstacles and segment bending. More bends and information are being added as free upgrades. Offers features that are not included with Electrical Wiring Pro. It is currently introductory priced at the Android Market.

Bender with orangeConduit Bend Lite

Conduit Bend Lite is a partial subset of Conduit Bend Pro to either "try out" the functionality, or those who don't have the need for a more professional level of conduit bending. It has fewer bends, and less precision in fractions and decimals. (included in Electrical Wiring Pro and Electrical Wiring Lite)

Pire Wheel Electrical Wiring Pro

Electrical Wiring Pro is the premier smartphone electrical wiring app. It has over two dozen built-in tools, including wire, box, conduit, motor, and transformer sizing, basic conduit bends and voltage drop calculations. More features continue to be introduced over time as free upgrades. Many of the important results can be emailed for documentation purposes. It is currently introductory priced at the Android Market.

BW Pire WheelElectrical Wiring Lite

Electrical Wiring lite is a small subset of the functionality available in Electrical Wiring Pro. It is to either "try out" the functionality, or for those who don't want the most professional information available.


Motor Man is a reference tool for those who work with electric motors. It provides dimension information for standard NEMA motor sizes. If you don't know what a T-Frame is, this is not the app for you. (included in Electrical Wiring Pro)

ReceptacleBox Fill Lite

Box Fill Lite is a simple application to do standard cubic inch Box Fill calculations for wire sizes 18 AWG-6 AWG, by counting wires. Unlike Electrical Wiring Pro, it does not offer cable counting, email, or extensive information on standard box and typical mudring sizes(this app's functionality is included in Electrical Wiring Pro and Electrical Wiring Lite). An oldie, but a goodie, and still free of charge.

4 squarePull Box Helper

Pull Box Helper was requested by several of our customer to size Pull Boxes, Conduit Bodies, Troughs, etc. for wire sizes 4 AWG and larger. Handles straight, u-bend and angle-bend pulls and splices for both conduits and larger cables. (included in Electrical Wiring Pro.)

Delta CircleThree Phase Beta

Three Phase calculates current, voltage and kVA for Delta or Wye configurations.

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The following app is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod systems running iOS.

4 squareBox Fill Pro

Box Fill Pro allows a user to do standard cubic inch Box Fill calculations for wire sizes 18 AWG - 6 AWG, counting individual wires or cables(2-4 conductor). Clamps, Hickeys, Studs, Fixture Wires, Devices, Grounds and Ins. Grounds are also included. Results can be sent via email or text message, e.g. to document a box fill violation, so it can be fixed in the design stage.

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